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You do not need a gym!! You need a Team NME!

You know your inner voice keeps telling you to make a change. You feel the discoonet with your heart and head when it comes to caring for you. What's included in you personalized transformation plan:

You will also have a personalized NME app for your journey and all plans and coaching will be specific to your life and goals. All your info will be tracked and communicated in real time and integrated with MyfitnessPal and Fitbit.

You will learn how to improve your relationship with yourself and food and get the next level of transformation. One step at a time. 

Your personalized app will track and communicate your progress each day so we can keep you on course and work together thru your new story.

Transformation is more than meals and workouts. 

NO copy and paste coaching here.

1:1 monthly or weekly coaching call with Helen.
Personalized nutrition plan with coaching

Personalized fitness plan based on goals

Mindset, Stress Management and Habit Coaching


Helen is a certified Life coach who will guide you to get into action and create new behaviors and mindset for life long success. 

Project YOU!
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Group NME Plans

Personalized 1:1 NME Plans

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