Feeling proud to be a woman today.

Although this past year has been riddled with major political divide, and today some are upset and grieving and some celebrating and others are just glad it is all over...but TODAY we also witnessed a historical moment for all women.

Where I stand with politics doesn’t matter with this new moment in history. What matters is that I am proud for us, I am proud for our black sisters, I am proud for all the women shattering glass ceiling and I am proud the world witnessed this very moment.

Maybe it didn’t faze you and that is ok… but what is super cool is that little girls and women felt inspired and excited for the possibilities in their future.

It was inspiration and women doing badass things that set me on my path I am on now.

Women are changing and instead of tearing each other down and competing against each other we are screaming from the roof tops… “YOU GO SISTER!” we are spending less time gossiping and beating each-other down and more time encouraging and lifting each other up. We are working together and not against each other. We are discovering what we are capable of as individuals and as a community.

We are inspired by trail blazers and women who push the boundaries and SMASH the BS stories of a woman’s place this world.

We celebrated as we watched a black woman being sworn in as the VICE PRESIDIENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

Growing up as a latch key kid, I watched my mom and women around me work their asses off to have it all. Family, career and independence.

Now we are working our asses off for Freedom, Purpose and Changing the game.

POLITICS aside…. no matter who you voted for...TODAY WAS BADASS!!!

For all the women out there doing what you love…..KEEEP GOING!!

For all the women out there who are still searching… FIND YOU, FIND YOUR HAPPY… then discover what the world needs of YOU.

For all the women who are content and happy… spread that LOVE!!

A big HIGH FIVE for all the men that raise and support the strong women and girls.

Women have always been strong, resourceful and smart…the world is just nurturing and noticing in a bigger way.

From another trail blazer in our time the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg said

“Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn't be that women are the exception.”

When I see women do amazing things it will always reminds me of the scene when Captain Marvel realized she owned her own powers and discovered she was fighting with one hand behind her back because she choose to STOP believing the narrative of others. When she started to believe in herself... she then became the most powerful AVENGER.

Eeeeekkk!!!! Imagine if more women discovered their true potential and watched more Marvel Movies LOL.

Take some time to thank the women who inspired you and what actions you took because they went first.

We need more reminders of why we want to go first and reminders that what we do...BIG or SMALL... it all matters.

Fist bumps and Hugs xo

NME - Helen Costa-Giles


NMELifestyle LLC.

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