Going into 2021 with ONE word re·sil·ience

Each year I spend sometime looking for that ONE word to bring an emotional connection to the year ahead.

I was searching for the perfect word and I stumbled on a Forbes article on the word RESILIENCE and it hit me... THIS IS MY 2021 WORD.

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties...to bounce back!!!

This is exactly how I feel as I am typing, I want to be more resilient in all areas of my life.

2020 took an unexpected turn for so many of us and for me it made me look deeper inside and learn how to overcome new struggles. Honestly...some of the struggles I am still overcoming. This is the beauty as we become self aware on where we need the help we are more capable to BOUNCE BACK. When we ignore or avoid the issues with stay in a low vibration and struggle with our own truths.

I am ready to overcome the difficulties of being a work at home mom, with ADHD kids in virtual school during a pandemic.

I am ready to get back to nourishing my body and mind more consistent.

I am ready to grow and focus on my businesses with fun energetic partners.

I am ready to be a more present mom and wife.

I am ready to overcome all the BS beliefs and doubts that I am not capable.

I am ready to stand up faster after being knocked down.

I am ready to be RESILIENT AF!!!

Psychology Today wrote the Seven Skills of Resilience that made just kept speaking to everything going on and what we are about to embark in the New Year.

  • Cultivate a Belief in Your Ability to Cope.

  • Stay Connected With Sources of Support.

  • Talk About What You're Going Through.

  • Be Helpful to Others.

  • Activate Positive Emotion.

  • Cultivate an Attitude of Survivorship.

  • Seek Meaning.

As you are sitting the next couple days reflecting on this year... think of everything you have overcome and how you are so much stronger than you are. Remember in March we felt like we couldn't do this, and NOW look at you!!! You survived!!

Take a look at the areas that you still need to overcome and work on the skills above that will help you overcome.


I will be working on bouncing my body, my focus, help more people and work to connect with others who can help me.

What is your WORD that you are carrying into 2021!

I wish you all the energy to be your biggest cheerleader and the strength to keep overcoming all your obstacles.

Fist bumps and Hugs xo

NME - Helen Costa-Giles


NMELifestyle LLC.

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