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Ready to leave the Season you are in?

  • The Season where you are tired, frustrated and know something needs to change.

  • The Season where you know you are living in a story about yourself is BS but you haven’t stop the rollercoaster in your head.

  • The Season where you feel alone because admitting the relationship you have with yourself is TOXIC that you hide and suffer in silence.

  • The Season where you don’t recognize the reflection in the mirror because your outsides don’t match the energy you have inside.

  • The Season where you are living in autopilot and ready to WAKE UP!

  • The Season where you are so overwhelmed that thinking of taking a step to commit feels impossible.

  • The Season where you are giving your energy to everyone you that you never allow the time for self discovery and development.

  • The Season where you are super pissed that your favorite jeans don’t fit anymore.

Project YOU!

Intimate NME APP and Private group Experience

The NME creates your own personal and intimate experience with an amazing Supportive group. 

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It is proven that when you progress you are happier. We will track all your progress to show you how badass you are.

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Fitness Tracking

You will have all you need in the palm of your hands to move your body and track your progress.

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All levels

No guess work here. I will show you how.

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Community Fitness Group

Join the workout program shared in community's around the world in the palm of your hands.


Healthy Habits

We will create new habits and ditch the ones not serving you. 

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Lifestyle Nutrition

Learn to find the nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle and goals. No crash diets here.

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Accountability and Support

Between coaching and group accountability there is always someone to support.

Let's Start your New Season.

A new Season where you feel that bounce back in your step and energy to tackle LIFE.

A new Season where you are living in a story you are proud of.

A new Season with a community that wants you to win and makes you feel safe.

A new Season where you smile at your refection because that women you see is evolving.

A new Season where you are living intentional.

A new Season where you are in control.

A new Season where you protect your energy and find more moments of peace.

A new Season where you feel physically and emotionally FIT, STRONG, SEXY and slip into those jeans.

You are a click away to be part of the most important project of your life... Project YOU!! Your New Season.

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What they are saying about Helen...


Aimee, K 

Released 30lbs

This year I finally committed to ME & have been working with Helen directly one on one & what a game changer it’s been. Several sizes down & I’ve gained confidence & freedom within myself that I never knew was possible.

denalyn 1.jpg

Denalyn, A

Released 40lbs

We don’t just workout together we do life together and push each other to be better than yesterday. Helen is an amazing coach and cheerleader and I’m grateful to have her in my life!


Miranda, C

Released 18lbs

“Helen has told me that she's proud of me so many times I've lost count. She has taught me so much about nutrition and how to change my relationship with food.”


Anabel, G

Released 32lbs

“I’ve been moving mountains in my life one by one and I am so grateful that I am not doing this alone because I would not be standing stronger than ever as I am today if it wasn’t for Helen and the community”.

katya 3.jpg

Katya, S 

Released 80lbs

With the aid of Helen’s program, I was able to release 80lbs of fat, gain lean muscle, and ultimately get my life back.I am now doing things I never thought were imaginable.

maria d.jpg

Maria, D

Released 40lbs

Helen has taught me to eat cleaner, and not deprive myself. She helped me change my relationship with food and myself. Having a more nourishing lifestyle it has also helped me with hair loss, my digestive system, with stress and has given me a ton of energy! Helen’s guidance has changed my life forever!

felicia 1.jpg

Felicia, M

Released 40lbs

Working with Helen changed my life. She taught me how to change my relationship with food. I am the strongest and healthiest I have ever been and now love helping others move more.


Dawn, R

Released 40lbs

When I finally contacted Helen, I was truly afraid that nothing would work.


Oh sure, it worked for Helen...but me?


Helen kept saying, "but what if it does?"

6 months later: my energy is up, my mobility is up, my weight is way down....and this journey is only beginning.

stef 1.jpg

Stefanie, H

Released 32lbs

Helen showed me a simple and sustainable way to achieve my goals. Improving my lifestyle habits I have improved my health, lost stubborn weight and what I am most happy about is the reverse aging.

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